Almond butter (gluten free)
Baba ganoush (gluten free)
Cashew cheese (gluten free)  
Fava beans hummus (gluten free)
Finger food from turnip cabbage (gluten free) 
Green pea and kale sandwich spread
Guacamole (gluten free)
Guacamole with strawberries (gluten free)
Hummus (gluten free)
Sourdough wheat flour bread
Kale and roasted garlic hummus(gluten free)
Kale chips (gluten free) 
Oatmeal with ginger and cranberries
Peanut butter (gluten free)
Polish version of hummus with sour pickled cucumbers (gluten free)
Popcorn (gluten free)
Pumpkin millet porridge (gluten free)
Red bean hummus with sauerkraut and flaxseed oil (gluten free) 
Red onion chutney 
Sour pickled cucumbers (gluten free) 
Sweet potato chips
Tapenade from green olives (gluten free)  
Tartines with spicy, pumpkin hummus
White bean spread with poppy seeds (gluten free)
Zucchini butter (gluten free)

African peanut butter soup
Aromatic and warming butternut squash soup (gluten free)
Asparagus with simple vinagraitte dressing (gluten free)
Avocado with pomegranate and balsamic vinegar (gluten free) 
Baked vegetables with tahini (gluten free)
Braised cabbage (gluten free)
Borscht with sour pickled beet juice
Cabbage and dill soup (gluten free)
Carrot salad with parsley (gluten free)
Carrots fried with chinese cabbage
Celeriac salad
Coleslaw salad
Gazpacho - perfect summer chill (gluten free)
Green beans stir-fried with tomatoes, red pepper and almonds (gluten free)
Green soup
Israeli salad gluten free) 
Kale and tomato salad (gluten free)
Kale quick stir-fry (gluten free) 
Oyster muchrooms soup (gluten free) 
Panzanella salad
Pearled barley soup
Pumpkin and orange soup with thyme (gluten free) 

Radish leaves soup (gluten free) 
Radishes sauteed with kohlrabi and asparagus (gluten free)
Red cabbage salad 
Red cabbage with apple puree and cloves (gluten free)
Sour pickled cabbge with white beans  (gluten free)
Spicy green beans with almonds (gluten free)
Summer vegetables stir - fry with tofu and quinoa 
Sweet potato and peanut butter soup (gluten free)
Swiss chard soup


Baked beets with almonds and pearled barley
Braised leeks with buckwheat (gluten free)
Braised sauerkraut

Farfalle pasta with green olives

Green lentils with baked beets (gluten free)
Pearled barley with pumpkin, pomegranate and pistachios 
Spinach tart with tofu and cashews (vegan)
Stir-fry with carrot, leeks and grapefruit 
Sweet potato curry 
Tart with red beans, brussel sprouts and pomegranate
Tart with tofu and zucchini
Tofu and pineapple curry
Vegetarian chops


Apple crumble with buckwheat flakes (gluten free)

Ashkenazi charoset (gluten free)
Baked fig (gluten free)
Butternut squash pudding (gluten free)
Carrot and cardamon pudding (gluten free)
Carrot cake chia pudding (gluten free)
Chia, chocolate and fig pudding (gluten free)   
Chocolate and avocado mousse (gluten free)
Chocolate mousse with chocolate mint leaves (gluten free)
Chocopralines with dried prunes (gluten free)

Cranberry jam (gluten free)
Date and cocoa butter (gluten free)
Date and rose water butter (gluten free)
Gooseberry popsicles (gluten free)
Halvah and amaranth balls (gluten free)
Halvah(gluten free)
Healthy apple crumble 
Hot chocolate
Millet chocolate pudding (gluten free)  
Orange and coconut pralines (gluten free)
Peaches in white wine (gluten free) 
Prunes and marzipan bonbons
Rhubarb and rosewater jam  (gluten free) 
Rhubarb and vanilla sherbet (gluten free) 
Rhubarb marmalade with chocolate
Rhubarb pudding (gluten free)
Sangria popsicles (gluten free)
Straciatella and banana popsicles (gluten free)
Strawberries with pepper and balsamic vinegar (gluten free)
Strawberry popsicles (gluten free)
Sugared roasted almonds with cinnamon (gluten free)
Tapioca pudding (gluten free)
Vanilla chia pudding with summer fruits (gluten free)


Almond milk (gluten free)
Apple and parsley green juice (gluten free)
Apple, basil and lime granita (gluten free)
Carrot and orange juice (gluten free)
Cranberry juice (gluten free)
Detoxifying water with lemon (gluten free)
Ginger Ale (gluten free) 
Glogg - Scandinavian mulled wine (gluten free)

Hot chocolate
Kiwi and strawberry lemonade (gluten free)
Lemon and lime lemonade (gluten free)

Mint lemonade (gluten free)
Mulled cider (gluten free)
Sangria (gluten free)
Spinach and orange smoothie (gluten free)
Spirulina smoothie 
Strawberry and rhubarb compote with mint
Strawberry smoothie with goji berries (gluten free)
Strawberry smoothie (gluten free)
Sweet cherry and mint lemonade (gluten free) 
Tea grog
Tea infused with cloves, oranges and ginger (gluten free) 
Warming beet juice
Water with fresh rosemary (gluten free) 
Virgin piña colada smoothie (gluten free)


Sourdough bread (vegan)


Almond butter (gluten free)
Almond milk (gluten free)
Baked beets (gluten free)
Candied orange peels (gluten free)
Goji berries  (gluten free)
Gold-of-pleasure oil (gluten free)

Oat cream
Oat milk 
Peanut butter (gluten free)
Pumpkin puree (gluten free)

Savoury pie crust
Simple salad dressing (gluten free)
Sour pickled beet juice for borscht
Sour pickled cucumbers (gluten free)
Sour rye flour for sour rye soup
Strawberry coulis (gluten free) 
Tahini (gluten free)

Almond butter (gluten free)
Tahini (gluten free)

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